The Research

In De Angelis – Savelli & Associate Firm Research and Development plays a central role for the advisory. The management fifteen years experience in advisory is supported by proven knowledge and skills in the scientific-mathematical-economic-actuarial field.

The Chairmen and Associates background set the Firm as a privileged place for scientific research on the main statistical, actuarial and financial issues.   

Here below such exemples of the Firm research – centered services:  

  • developing of stochastic models for mortality projection;
  • developing of stochastic models for mortality projection;
  • analysis, assessment and management of biometric risks (longevity, mortality, long term care) for Life and Pension Insurance as well as the capital requirements valuations;
  • developing models for evalutation of Premium and Reserve Risk in Non-Life insurance and analysis of capital requirement;
  • developing models for fair value of insurance contract and ALM and the policies portfolios under the stochastic Asset Liability Management framework according to the market consistent approach;
  • pricing developing models for Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability, General Liability Insurance and Medical Malpractice.