The Firm

De Angelis – Savelli & Associates Firm was founded in march 2016 by the two Founders, Paolo De Angelis and Nino Savelli, to combine their professionalism to create a unique entity in the Italian actuarial field,  where the research activities and professional actuarial services coexist in perfect balance with the widest market  technical actuarial advisory. The new entity has as its starting point from the professional Firm of the two founders both operating on the actuarial market since the early years of the new millennium.

Research and Development play a central role in the Actuarial Firm De Angelis Savelli & Associates which is also based on the profile of its associates as a forum for scientific research on statistical, actuarial and financial issues, exspecially important for the actuarial profession. Among these: the development of innovative modeling, methods and new processes that will improve the performance of traditional insurance and social security activities and define the operation in new advisory areas that are being opened to the actuarial profession.