Life Insurance

De Angelis – Savelli & Associate Firm provides actuarial advisory services in Life & Health SLT for insurance companies referring both to advice and outsourcing functions provided for in sector-specific rules and to quantitave advisory.

Services are as follows:

  • Actuarial Function Life & Health SLT advisory and outsourcing
  • Risk Management Function Life advisory and outsourcing
  • Pricing of Life insurance products
  • Advisory for balance sheet (IFRS 17, Annual consolidated financial statements; Solvency II)
  • European Embedded Value, Impairment test, Market Consistent Embedded Value
  • Implementation and validation of internal models for the pricing of capital intensive, according to Solvency II Life & Health SLT approach
  • Advisory in extraordinary operations such as the sale of businesses, mergers, incorporations of Life insurance companies or sector
  • Actuarial and insurance training